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As Papa Smurf always says...
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Anti Hentrick stamp by tultsi93 Anti Hentrick stamp :icontultsi93:tultsi93 2 2 Characters I love/like by tultsi93 Characters I love/like :icontultsi93:tultsi93 3 4 Characters I hate/dislike by tultsi93 Characters I hate/dislike :icontultsi93:tultsi93 2 6 Tultsi93's Top 10 Friendships by tultsi93 Tultsi93's Top 10 Friendships :icontultsi93:tultsi93 10 1 Propaganda VS Propaganda by tultsi93 Propaganda VS Propaganda :icontultsi93:tultsi93 1 2 Anti Muslim Brotherhood by tultsi93 Anti Muslim Brotherhood :icontultsi93:tultsi93 1 18
Rasputin Finnish lyrics (Frederik)
For my non-Finnish watchers: I'll translate it in English later. I'm too amused to do so now, and I want to check I got these lyrics right. But I can say they're hilarious, and has nothing to do with original Rasputin.
Suomalaiset katsojani: Kertokaa, jos jotkut kohdat meni väärin. Arvostan apuanne.
Salaperäinen velho tummatukkainen
Silmät kiiluen iskee tulta leimuten
Hän lähentelee mua niin huulet hehkuen
Jumalaisempaa koskaan nähnyt ole en
Uskallettu puhua ei ääneen, paholainen kuka ties
Viehtävästi hengen monen vieneen joutuu joka mies
Ra Ra Rasputin, rakastaja Rasputin
Transu tumma mustissaan
Ra Ra rapsukka sormet mua koskettaa
Miestä maukasta saalistaa
Nyt piiska leimahtaa ja taivas salamoi
Alta mettää vaan mulle kutsu tuulen soi
Noita jo vaan, minut lumoihinsa saa
Kädet taikuuden vei multa poi
:icontultsi93:tultsi93 0 1
I support moderate Muslims by tultsi93 I support moderate Muslims :icontultsi93:tultsi93 5 1 Headcanon Stamp 30# by tultsi93 Headcanon Stamp 30# :icontultsi93:tultsi93 5 10
The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test: Geumsaegi
I took only three parts from the test, because Geumsaegi isn’t a fan-character or an RPG character. He’s canon cartoon character and belongs to SEK Studios.
Part 1 - All Characters
This area applies to RPG characters, fanfiction characters, and original fiction characters.
1.  Is/does your character's name:
    a) Your name, variation of your name, nickname, screenname, or any name that has been applied to you? (Spelling it differently or changing it a little counts.) Fic: RPG:
    b) A name you planned on giving one of your children, or the name of one of your actual children?
    c) Is your character's name taken deliberately from a character from another fandom that you like?
    d)  Does your character have an unusual or exotic name (EG, a name related to nature or something mystical, a strangely-spelled name, or a name from a culture your character doesn't belong to) chosen primarily because it sounded exotic,
:icontultsi93:tultsi93 1 0
Teetotaler not an asshole by tultsi93 Teetotaler not an asshole :icontultsi93:tultsi93 4 0 White Privilege is bullshit. by tultsi93 White Privilege is bullshit. :icontultsi93:tultsi93 18 32
Critique : Master Weasel, Ming Huyn...
Hi, it’s me again. Sometime has been flown from my first rant, so there’s another one. Not a stamp this time, but a drawing and the character in it, and it's more like a critique than a rant. You all know I love “Squirrel and Hedgehog”, so this time I write some text about it. Fan art is from The-Ironwing-Kaiser.
Before we start: Don’t go harass the creator of the OC. I don’t support Mary Sue hunting.
Now we can start.
Let’s look at the picture first. I love the character’s design; he looks exactly like he’s popped out from the cartoon, but it’s little bit messy. The expression of the face isn’t seen clearly enough and the use of lines change from bold to invisible, even a tail looks like that it doesn’t even belong to the picture. Pick a thickness which is perfect for you and the picture, don’t change it randomly.
Yay, info is coming. That will be interesting reading. I try not to care about misspelling,
:icontultsi93:tultsi93 1 5
Dear, New York Times. by tultsi93 Dear, New York Times. :icontultsi93:tultsi93 3 5 Headcanon Stamp 29# by tultsi93 Headcanon Stamp 29# :icontultsi93:tultsi93 1 0 Humanized Grinch by tultsi93 Humanized Grinch :icontultsi93:tultsi93 7 6



Great work. The spirit of picture is peaceful, colors and view are calm and beautiful. Maybe I also find something macigal themes (beca...




Why did I sign this?

Europe belongs to Europeans and civilized non-Europeans, not barbarians. Protect women, children, gays, non-Muslims and nonconformists. Fight against Sharia! Fight against Islamization!

I wish European Parliament gets its sense back.

My God! I can't wait angry SJW comments! XD


Tuulia H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Other

About myself:

- My galleries are full of mostly shippings, memes and stamps. You don't have to watch me back. I understand if you don't like certain posts of my gallery. :)
- It's one and same thing to me you call me "autistic", "autistic person" or "person with Autism" as long you use them appropriately.
- I'm usually friendly, kind and funny, but I can also be unpatient, proud and aggressive. I'm also perfectionist which is both good and bad thing.
- Sauna, salmiakki, chocolota, ice cream and Christmas are my ultimate favorites! :love:
- I'm heteroromantic asexual.
- I'm a white cis scum! ;P
- I'm LGBT friendly, pro-need and opposer of racism, religious and ethical disrcimation. (I'm an Atheist who loves her religious friends and relatives.) Ableism, misogyny and ageism are disgusting. If you want to ask my opinions about healthcare, taxes, economy and other stuff, just ask.
- SJWs, MAPs, radfems and other idiots disgust me.
- I hate also bad food and unfunny jokes.

People I support:
I Support Myself ::Stamp:: by Chibi-Mars-Jane I support Layfey stamp by tultsi93 MK stamp by Jezebethx Zamii070 Support by Dolcinea because i can by Skarkat Blair White fan stamp by koimonster22 I Support Markiplier Stamp by Oreleth - Stamp: LaurenzSide. - by ChicaTH Nostalgia Critic stamp by Tartly-Sweet I support The Fangirl by tultsi93 Mike The Cat Stamp by SilentRisingSun I Support SilentRisingSun - Stamp by Starrceline I Support Chiminix - Stamp by Starrceline I support Mei Yu by tultsi93 helena bonham carter stamp by ebihal Johnny Depp--Stamp by Kay-Love Martin Freeman Stamp 1 by RedPassion Milo Yiannopoulos Stamp by Nerd-Artist23 I Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Lulie Morgan Freeman by AnnaethGreenleaf Elderly Support Stamp by LyinRyan I Support Dead People Stamp by bizarrostamps

Opinions about fandoms:
Moomins - stamp by RiikkaK Monster high - Stamp by Maqqi Ever After High Stamp by kaorinyaplz Batman Fan -Stamp- by robingirl 'tim's love' by consonanT Disney and Dreamworks Fan Stamp by FireMaster92 Sing Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Squirrel And Hedgehog Stamp by CandiTheWildPig The Peanuts Movie stamp by 6t76t Harry Potter by ImFeelingStampity Hobbit Films and Book by DrakkenlovesShego12 Horror Stamp by Icy-Dew CP: Creepypasta Fan Stamp by xioccolate Killing Stalking Stamp by Aksi-Pines #MyGuiltyPleasure (The Purge) by tultsi93 Supernatural by Arunaudo Good Omens Stamp 2 by TwilightProwler Sonic Boom TV Series Stamp by Starturbo Hetalia and Satw Stamp by SummerLovesPeace Steven Universe Stamp by The-Devious-Wolf Yuri on ice stamp by mysources Keijo stamp by tultsi93 Yu-Gi-Oh English Stamp by DAS-Stamp Naruto Stamp by AdryJustend Inuyasha by Kurasii Full Metal Alchemist by Kurasii ClassicWinxFan stamp by SkyCircle777 SpongeBob episodes stamp by GoForAPerfect2010 The Secret Trio by stampsnstuff Usagi Yojimbo Fan Stamp 2. by MrsNox TMNT - I Miss This Show by onnawufei Grinch Stamp II by Raephen No Elementary to me, thank you. by tultsi93 No The Lorax to me, thank you. by tultsi93 (Request) Anti The Cat In The Hat 2003 Movie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti High School Musical Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti-Descendants by tultsi93 Willy Wonka SUCKS :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire (Request) Anti Hannah Montana Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Twilight Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 50SoG sucks by Cinus-Findus Stamp: The truly ARE brats... by Catthylove AntiRebootedWinx stamp by SkyCircle777 Anti Monster High Reboot 2016 Stamp by NiteNitepillow (REQUEST) Anti Boku no Pico stamp by AsahiGirl Airbender by paramoreSUCKS Anti Stitch! Anime Stamp by Jojo-Izumi :thumb619471617: Anti veggietales stamp by pasword15703 Anti South Park stamp by ArtRock15 Anti-Family Guy stamp 2 by Crimson-Kaizer Anti American Dad Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Big Four? No thanks... by DP-Stamps .:. Anti FTG Stamp .:. by Mr-What-Zit-Tooya Dr. Who No Interest Stamp by DP-Stamps Anti Rob Zombie's Halloween Stamp by Carriejokerbates Anti The Emoji Movie (Stamp) by ADDICTEDTOSANDWICHES Request: Anti In A Heartbeat Stamp :: by Kick-Smile-Plz


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